We use cameras in our systems not only for protection but also where there is a need to control and visualize sales, production processes, traffic, observing different types of incident.

We use external and internal cameras with or with backlight, fixed or rotary, up to 5Mpx resolution analogue cameras and digital – over 5Mpx resolution.

It is necessary to use high resolution cameras over 1,3Mpx everywhere there is a need to identify any details, for example the vehicle registration plate.

Material from the cameras is recorded on a recorder or a server accessible to the user locally at the installation site or remotely on a LAN or WAN.

Digital cameras operating in the IP camera computer network have a unique IP address.

We offer TV monitoring systems made on the basis of cameras and recorders from companies such as: APER, HIKVISION, NOVUS, SAMSUNG, VIVOTEK, SONY.

Assembly – questions to the investor:

  1. Object type, lights quality?
  2. The initial number of cameras?
  3. Recording time?
  4. Arrangement and location of cameras?
  5. PTZ cameras?
  6. Possibility and the way of wiring?
  7. Determining the place of recorder installation?
  8. Size and quantity of the monitors?

Before we answer the essential question: “How much does it cost?” we want to agree the questions above.

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