We offer you containers made with a corrosion protected solid steel construction, sandwich panels for internal and external walls building, and insulation materials guarantee very favorable parameters of thermal transmittance floor structure, flat roof, exterior walls and windows and doors.

Especially important it is to secure the flat roof and floor modules for leaks, that’s why we carefully protect the entire outer structure container modules using the appropriate insulating components and the system developed by us flashings providing regardless of the volume of objects, the rules required room ventilation.

Because we know very well the ventilation and air conditioning, regardless of the volume of the space, choosing equipment with adequate capacity, we are able to create a single container or container buildings in multiport appropriate “climate” providing comfortable working conditions, regardless of the destination of the building.

We manufacture containers for various purposes depending on the requirements in consultation with the client and in accordance with applicable building regulations.



multi-module social-office facilities social sanitary


gatehouse, guardhouses, concierges residential

boiler rooms


medical clinics,

pharmacies, laboratories

document archives



mobile phone base stations

external and internal staircases

connectors between buildings


sound cabins

playground, ice rink facilities


Advantages of our construction:

  • design freedom for architects
  • wide color range
  • extension possibility
  • innovative technology
  • quick and easy construction
  • fast assembly
  • dry construction and lower foundations
  • simple installation of electricity, water and sewerage, sanitation
  • ease of making changes in the structure
  • simple maintenance and long life objects
  • easy removable
  • the re-assembly, eg. in another location
  • the ability to use immediately after the realization
  • relatively small dead weight in comparison with structures of other materials
  • resistance to dynamic forces
  • materials recyclable and environmentally friendly


  • 24-month liability period for our works
  • post-warranty technical service
  • quick assembly / disassembly
  • aesthetic realization
  • safety
  • proven product and experience
  • reasonable prices and fast realization
  • comprehensive advice and service from concept to completion
  • customized solutions to individual needs
  • a variety of optional features
  • durability

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