We design and manufacture professional ventilation and air conditioning systems with automation and control and completion for equipment ventilation and air – conditioning. A very wide range of high-end equipment, mainly:

VTS, Geoclima, Mitsubishi, Electric, FRAPOL, FUJITSU, Daikin, GREE, KLIMOR , Sanyo.

At the same time we try to make our services have always been associated with high quality, attention to the interests of clients and an attractive price.

We offer our clients a full range of services related to ventilation and thermo (with automation and RZS switchgear) equipment and installations.

We offer:

consultations education, experience , trade  knowledge and connections allow to assist, among others, in terms of:– solve specific problems arising in cooling medical devices

– appropriate model equipment selection

–  service and renovation


projects technology, electric, automatic
delivery completion and delivery ventilation, air-conditioning equipment, automatic
measurements and adjustments ventilation fitting tightness according to BN-84/8865-40 norm , air distribution –  PN-78/B-10440 with the report, electric installations mensuration
service of guarantee and post-warranty

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