The “BuildBox” company is a manufacturer of modern production halls and warehouses, single and multinave.

We have designers who design steel structures according to the requirements specified by the customer.

We also work with experts to fire safety issues.

We make assembly of the construction in accordance with applicable standards and regulations, knowledge and experience.


It consists of main and top doors, made of hot-rolled and cold-bent, and the concentration of the stiffening structure. The construction of a secondary roof purlins and bolts walls made of sections cold bent.

The construction cleaned to Sa 2½ grade purity, protected by anti-corrosion paint and painted with opaque by the RAL color palettes. The total thickness of the coating is at least 160μm. There is a possibility of corrosion protection structures with hot dip galvanizing.

Due to the use, cubic capacity, location in relation to other buildings, industry expert opinion and design requirements specifying fire resistance design, we protect the construction with the highest quality flame-resistant paint system such as SIGMA or FLAME GUARD STEEL STEEL.

We make steel structures fire-retardant paint directly on factory floor or in the place of construction of the facility.

We secure the  structures with paints to R30, R60, R90, R120 level, and to the R240 level of using fire protective boards.

We have certificates issued by the manufacturers of paints necessary to perform this type of work. We issue protocols honored by the State Fire Service. We provide multi year guarantee.

We cooperate with other companies specializing in fire protection facilities.

The roof sheathing and wall cover

In standard trim the warm halls of sandwich panels with a thickness 6-25cm of polystyrene foam, polyurethane or mineral wool, depending on the expected performance of insulation, strength and fire resistance.

For halls of cold sheathing made of trapezoidal T 35 – T55 game. 0.5-0.75 mm

Colours according to RAL system.

Other solutions for walls and roof to be negotiated.

Window and door joinery

Aluminum, PVC depending on the requirements of the investor.
At the request or in accordance with the project documentation we use roof skylights.


We offer development insulated sectional doors.


Gates with electric drive and emergency opening option.


According to the realization of “turnkey” we suggest you do the following installations:

  • electrical
  • water – sewerage and sanitary facilities
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • air-conditioning
  • CCTV or IP Camera Systems
  • alarm system
  • ICT networks
  • all fire protection systems

Foundations, industrial and concrete flooring

In the implementation of foundations and floors we work with a reputable company, a subcontractor providing professional consulting, design and realization.

All the projects comply with the provisions concerning the geotechnical conditions and climate zones.

We also do:

  • Roofing
  • Airport hangars
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Stairs
  • Platforms
  • Ads and banners constructions
  • Ramps

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