Nowadays, alarm system burglary and assault signaling has become a necessity and cost of installation are not high compared to other installations or conducting physical protection, in which a security agent does not guarantee instant and effective response.

Each system can be equipped with a whole range of sensors designed to not only the intruder detect but also smoke, flame, gas CO, CO2, methane, propane-butane, anesthetic gases, or flooding detection.

The heart of the system – the control panel on threat detection signals and notify the owner or security agency – by a radio transmitter, or GSM.

We offer wire-mounted systems before the end of the building shell during installation of container modules container objects for various purposes, home renovation and wireless – installed in a few hours where the object is already finished and furnished.

Today’s alarm systems also perform monitoring and control functions, eg. by phone, laptop computer.

We also install fire detection alarm systems SAP dedicated specifically to detect fire hazards and fire control equipment.

We offer adequate solutions to existing threats and requirements contained in the standards manufacturers such as ATEL, DSC, JABLOTRON, CROW, POLON-ALFA.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance are carried out by employees with high qualifications, not convicted, with proper and required a license issued by the Regional Police Headquarters.

Installation – Questions to the investor:

  1. The type and size of the object – number of motion detectors?
  2. Wired or wireless installation?
  3. Additional detectors for example smoke, CO, panic buttons?
  4. The amount and type encoders?
  5. Number of sounders external or internal?
  6. The mounting position of the control panel?
  7. The method of alarm notification?

Before we answer the essential question: “How much does it cost?” we want to agree the questions above.

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